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2017 Enrollment of Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society in ESCI
2015 The 11th International Conference of Pacific Rim Ceramic Societies
2014 Establishment of "Young Ceramist" award
2013 The 5th Asia-Oceania Ceramic Federation (AOCF) Conference
2012 Publication of "e-Ceramist"
2010 MOU with German Ceramic Society
2008 The Korea-Japan Ceramic Seminar for 25th Anniversary
2007 The 50th Anniversary
2006 The 2nd Asia-Oceania Ceramic Federation Conference
2005 Direct Election System for President
2005 The International conference on electroceramics 2005
2003 The International workshop on electronic ceramics
2000 Accession to The Korean Union of Chemical Science and Technology Society
1999 Retitle to "The Korean Ceramic Society"
1998 Publication of "Ceramist"
1995 Publication of "The Korea Journal of Ceramics"
1991 Establishment of "Sungok" and "Yangsong" award
1986 Publication of "Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials"
1983 The 25th Anniversary
1977 Retitle to "The Korean Ceramic Society, 븳援슂뾽븰쉶"
1974 "슂뾽븰쉶吏"濡 媛쒕챸 諛쒓컙
1964 Publication of "Ceramic bulletin, 슂뾽쉶吏"
1960 Enrollment of "The Korean Ceramic Society, 븳슂뾽븰쉶"
1957 Meeting of Promoters for Preparation of Ceramic Society