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Welcome Message

Dear Respectable Korean Ceramic Society Members

The Year of the Golden Pig 2019 has arrived.

I wish all our members a healthy year full of hope and fruition where all that you strive for is returned with favorable outcomes.
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all those who took interest and supported the Korean Ceramic Society throughout last year and all the board members who worked tirelessly and made personal sacrifices along the way.

The Korean Ceramic Society has continued to grow since its founding in 1957 through the dedicated efforts of the former presidents, board of directors, and members. The society has become a representative materials related organization both domestically and internationally. Based on this foundation, we will continue to embrace the rapidly changing environment of the society and commit to key projects in preparation of a second leap forward.

First, I aim to increase the scale of the spring and fall conference programs and expand the participation of new and rising researchers.

For the past few years, the number of participants in our spring and fall conferences has continuously increased and I thank all our members.
Following the trends of the fourth industrial revolution and the convergence of disciplines, I will do my best to ensure our spring and fall conference programs are large in scale and to expand the participation of up and coming researchers in the conferences by supporting related symposiums and workshops in order to overcome the limitations of the ceramic industry based activity scope of the society and extend the range of activities by the Korean Ceramic Society.

Second, I will actively support the SCI(E) listing of the Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society and the holding of international academic conferences.

The SCI(E) listing efforts of the Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society, a long awaited ambition of our society, have shown tangible results (IF=1.63 on 18.12.13). I am extremely grateful to the society members that helped so much in this endeavor and would like to ask for the active participation of our members so that SCI(E) listing can be achieved in the near future.
Moreover, I will actively support the holding of international conferences to strengthen the international status of the Korean Ceramic Society and to encourage the international academic activities of our members, and thus I would like to ask for your interest and participation.

Third, I will focus on establishing a close cooperative relationship between industry, academia, and research institutes.

According to an analysis report on the correlation between the fourth industrial revolution and the ceramic industry (2017.4, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade), demand for ceramics was predicted to be a total of 67.5 trillion Korean won. In order contribute to the effective advancement of the domestic ceramic industry through related technology development, the Korean Ceramic Society will not only support the vitalization of branches and associations that the industry participates in but also take on a central role in industry-academia-research institute collaborative research through close cooperation with the industry-academia-research institute cooperation vice-president (14 industry board members, eight major research institute chief researchers), Federation of Korea Ceramic Associations, and Korea Fine Ceramic Association.
Furthermore, we will make efforts to further the original projects of our society including carrying out transformations of the glass, cement, and refractory fields, implementing a professional human resource program for this industry, and attracting government funded projects.

I will do my best to make the Korean Ceramic Society an organization that advances and contemplates with you, our members. Thank you very much.

January 1, 2019

Korean Ceramic Society President
Eung Soo Kim